Affiliate Program

Built in to every Listery account. Start earning today.

Earn 20% Recurring Commissions.

From your everyday marketing efforts.

Every paid acccount has the Listery affiliate program built right in.

By including a simple Powered by Listery link in your emails or placing your link on your website or blog, you send prospects to us and we'll do the rest.

When someone you've sent upgrades to a paid Listery account, you'll receive a 20% recurring commission while their account remains active.

For you, there's no selling or support because we take care of it. All you need to do is send us prospects using the links we supply.

Include your affiliate link in marketing emails, put it on your website or blog or promote is by social media. The choice is yours.

Listery - behavior-driven email marketing automation
Listery - behavior-driven email marketing automation

Personalized Recommendations.

Two-click free trial signup.


The prospect clicks the affiliate link in an email you've sent out. They land on your personalized recommendation page.

Their email address is already filled out so...


They now have a free trial account. If they upgrade to a paid account, your recurring commissions begin.

Done For You Affiliate Resources.

Already setup with your affiliate link.

As a Listery affiliate, you have access to a whole range of pre-prepared resources that you can use immediately to promote Listery.

  • Powered by Listery email links
  • Email copy for follow-ups and broadcasts
  • Two-click trial signup resources
  • Banners and images
  • Text ads
  • Facebook ads & creative

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