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So we’ve been in the email marketing software business since 1999, bringing powerful, high-end tools, but without the high-end price, to online business owners all over the world. Our email marketing products are currently being used by thousands of Internet Marketers every day to build their online business, increase conversions and maximise sales.

If you’ve been in email marketing for a while, you’ll either be using our products yourself or have heard of them for sure.

Listery - behavior-driven email marketing automation

Back in the day.

We started our email marketing journey with the development of our first email marketing software solution. This product was launched in April 2001 and went on to sell many thousands of copies worldwide, becoming one of the best known and respected products in the field of Internet Marketing.

Its feature set, reliability and set-it-and-forget-it philosophy led to it being used, promoted and sold by many big-name Internet marketers, some well-known, some less so.

But, as we hoped, many people made (and continue to make) a lot of money by using our email marketing solutions. We couldn’t be happier about that – it’s what we set out to do.

Several years and many upgrades later, our original software was retired and replaced with a new generation product which built on the huge success of the original, adding massive new functionality, tools to drive increases in delivery and several cutting-edge automation features. Again, our new product sold thousands of copies and continues to do so.

Now under new ownership, it remains a top seller and is a highly respected, flexible email marketing solution that continues to grow.

So why Listery?

Listery is the very latest in our line of powerful email marketing tools. We can’t wait to show you how it can benefit your online business, whether you’re a beginner or not, and whether you’re selling your own products or promoting products as an affiliate.

Email marketing has moved on.

It’s time to stop thinking of your list as a group of faceless email addresses. Because behind each of the email addresses on your list is a real, live person with their own wants, needs, desires and pain-points.

Now, imagine if you could tailor your email marketing based on the actions your individual contacts are taking (or not) as they engage with your emails, websites, blogs and other content.

With Listery, you can ensure that each and every contact receives exactly the right content, precisely at the moment they’re showing interest – all done automatically and in real time.

We call it behavior-driven email marketing.

And no, we don't expect you to move your lists to us. Listery works with the leading email marketing providers. Link your accounts and you're good to go.

Listery - behavior-driven email marketing automation

This stuff works.

Just for a moment, think of your experience with shopping sites like Amazon. Isn’t it amazing how they seem to be able display super-targeted offers to you?

How do they do that?

Well, it’s because they know what you search for, browse and buy and they use this data to drive their marketing to you as an individual customer instead of using a poorly designed “one size fits all” selling approach.

So why have they moved to this more personalized way of marketing?

Because it works, striking while the iron is hot, increasing sales, maximising conversions and driving upsells and cross-sells to interested buyers.

And have you noticed the Facebook "magic"?

Have you seen the power of Facebook advertising and other advert retargeting where they magically seem to “know” what you’ve looked at or engaged with then present you with repeat or similar offers as you travel around Facebook or other websites?

This works because they track the posts, ads and other content you’ve recently engaged with then use that knowledge to present you with highly targeted ads, just at the right moment.

It’s data-driven, real-time automated marketing using intelligence gathered on the behavior of prospects and customers.

Listery - behavior-driven email marketing automation

Listery is marketing automation magic for email marketers.

Imagine if you could add that same, immense marketing power to your current email marketing toolkit, using the email marketing tools and payment providers you already work with, without the need to move your lists or change the systems you’re already using to sell or promote products.

Well, now you can. That's Listery.

What we’ve described here is just a tiny fraction of the amazing power of Listery. We look forward to showing everything it can do for your online business.

We’re here to teach you too.

Part of what we want to do it teach you all about what behavior-driven, marketing automation means and how it can benefit you as an email marketer. For users, our onboarding process is designed to have you up and running in minutes. And we have tutorials and regular free training webinars where you can learn about best practise, interact with us and discover how other users are leveraging Listery to grow their business.

We look forward to welcoming you as a Listery user.

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Listery - behavior-driven email marketing automation

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